Fearless Craftsmen

Who Leave No Part Untouched


Our frame-up restoration of the Land Rover Defender is a painstaking process that leaves no part untouched. It’s obsessive. It’s compulsive. But the end result is worthy of the automotive icon.


Search and Arrival

All Heritage Driven base vehicles are legally imported to our facility in the U.S. Each vehicle must meet both our specific standards and very stringent requirements established by the U.S. Government. All of our vehicles are imported in their original condition and all work is done in the U.S. Our customers never have to worry about the headache of importing, shipping, customs, taxes and registration in the U.S. as we have these trucks in our shop long before our customers place their orders.



When it comes to customizing a Heritage Driven Defender, the options are endless, and the choices are personal. Each build is uniquely tailored to a customer’s lifestyle and tastes. We start the customization process with a deep dive into how you envision using your new Defender. Off-road versus street driving, digging yourself out of mud or a mall parking lot, hitting the highway or cruising downtown – answers to these questions will help us build a vehicle that meets your needs.

From changes to the drivetrain and extreme suspension to highly customized interiors and paint colors, if you can think of it, we’ll make it a reality.


Dismantle and rebuild

We strip down each vehicle to the chassis and start over. Every single part is either repaired or replaced. Every Heritage Driven vehicle is built by hand, piece by piece. Not a single bolt is left untouched. It’s a lot of work, but this is the only way to do it right. The drivetrain is designed and built to match the client’s desires. Interiors are fully revamped with effective soundproofing (something the original vehicles never quite mastered), new custom seating and interiors, upgraded electronics, brake systems, suspension, lighting, and beautifully straight body panels.


Quality control

Our attention to detail has been called obsessive for a reason. At every stage, we do a thorough quality inspection to ensure that the vehicle we build is mechanically sound and meets customer specifications and our rigorous standards.

Depending on customer specifications, a full frame-up rebuild of a Land Rover Defender can take between eight and 14 months to complete. Our build schedule fills up quickly so let us know if you have a hard deadline.


Finishing and delivery

While quality control is maintained throughout the build process, we run every Defender through a comprehensive inspection and road test before delivery to ensure that every feature and function meets our rigorous standards. We will even deliver it to your door.


When reworking a beloved icon, the stakes are understandably high. Character, class and a cult-like following define these veteran trucks and any conversion had better be spot on. It’s the stakes that keep us striving, even obsessing, for perfection. We aren’t just restoring Defenders; we address any and all of the original’s shortcomings with a balanced blend of custom fabrication and meticulous re-engineering then bring the comfort and performance up to today’s standards.

Custom Bulkhead Heritage Driven


Custom Bulkhead

Heritage Driven Defenders are known for our extra inches. The significant additional cabin space starts with a thoroughly re-engineered, custom bulkhead to give the driver an additional three inches of legroom and the front passenger an additional six inches. The extra room gives license to a host of other smart enhancements not found on other conversions.


Unconventional Custom Dash

The common Land Rover ‘Puma’ dash just doesn’t cut it. A traditional solution to a common problem, the Puma takes up a lot of valuable comfort space. In creating a custom Heritage Driven dash with integrated vents, radio, navigation, and climate controls, we deliver on comfort and accessibility with more head and elbow room and a tilt steering column.


Air COnditioning

Bigger is better when it comes to some things, including climate control units. The extra cabin room allows for a larger and more powerful climate control unit which can be a lifesaver in extreme conditions.


Upgraded Axles

Many of our builds come with high-end aftermarket axles from well-known brands such as Currie. But we’ve also developed a special in-house process where we take stock Salisbury axles, address any and all flaws, and upgrade the build so they can handle all the power coming from an LS3 and any kind of abuse you can throw their way.


Diligent Details

When an original Defender hits our shop, no detail is overlooked. We painstakingly focus on every aspect of the rebuild – down to the adhesive-bonded riveted panels. Stainless or coated hardware, thorough interior waterproofing, cruise control, fixed rear windows, and power doors and windows round out the smooth, quiet driving experience.

Full Marks

They aren’t just slapping a new coat of paint and some accessories on these trucks, but making them straighter, better sealed, more powerful, and most importantly, more reliable than ever before.

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