Music to Drive By

A bunch of folks on our team get haircuts at Ace Barbershop, which is just down the street from the Heritage Driven office. We’ve been going for years because Gabe, the owner, gives a damn good cut, but also because his shop is a cultural hub. He always has fun books lying around, and he’s usually playing some piece of music we’ve never heard of (he moonlights as a DJ). That’s why we turned to Gabe to help launch our HD driving playlists. We wanted a series that would set the mood as you head out to your favorite adventure spots and what he’s come up with is brilliant. His playlists will take you around the world and open your eyes, but they also make for easy listening. Enjoy and stand by for more playlists launching soon in the HD newsletter.

The first of three playlists (listen here)
The second of playlist (listen here)
The final playlist (listen here)