Aintree Green Defender 110



  • Specs
    Color Aintree Green
    Engine LS3
    Suspension Land Rover
    Wheels Kahn 1983
    Tires Toyo Open Country M/T
    Winch Warn 12,000
    Differential Limited Slip
    Console Custom
    Steering Guard Custom Heritage Driven design
    Front Lights LED
    Seats Baseball glove leather

What We Did

There’s a funny story behind this 110. The Los Angeles-based owner is an actor and was driving an Aston Martin that his wife (who is also famous) generously bought him. But he came to hate that car because so many other actors/stars in Los Angeles drove the exact same thing. He then came to us while shooting a movie in Albuquerque because he wanted something truly bespoke that would be fun to drive and stand out on the streets of LA. We delivered by building a clean Defender that had high-end comforts like plush leather seats but was also so bad-ass that he could easily romp over or around all those silly Aston Martins on the street.

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