Brunswick Green Defender 110



  • Specs
    Color Brunswick Green
    Engine LS3
    Suspension Land Rover
    Wheels Kahn 1983
    Tires Cooper Discoverer AT3
    Differential Limited Slip
    Steps Fire and Ice sidesteps
    Rear Bumper NAS
    Console Custom
    Rear Ladder Custom

What We Did

Delivered to an emergency room physician in the Dallas area, this Defender 110 was an upgrade from a Defender 90 because the owner needed a larger vehicle for his growing family. He loved all the adaptations we made, including the custom bulkhead which provides significantly more space for him and his front passenger. We love the balance it strikes between aesthetics and capability and there’s no doubt it feels equally at home running errands or stirring up dust on back roads. For us, it’s a perfect representation of our approach where we’re careful to maintain the classic Defender character while simultaneously elevating every single aspect of the vehicle.

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