Grasmere Green Defender 90



  • Specs
    Color Grasmere Green
    Engine LS3
    Suspension Land Rover
    Wheels Sawtooth
    Tires BFG KO2
    Differential Limited Slip
    Seats Body-matching grasmere green
    Interior Suede headliner
    Sound System Kenwood sound system with 10-inch subwoofer
    Console Custom
    Dash Body-matching grasmere green
    Carpeting German square-weave, leather edged

What We Did

Right now this Defender is sitting next to some of the world’s rarest and most beautiful cars as part of a growing collection curated by an owner with impeccable taste. It’s built to be driven, but we also paid extra attention to the details and delivered it with everything from color-matching leather stitching to a one-of-a-kind suede headliner. For us, this 90 shows off the true beauty of the Defender design and will turn heads in a garage or on the street.

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