Pastel Green Series IIA



  • Specs
    Color Pastel Green
    Engine LS3
    Suspension Land Rover Defender
    Wheels Land Rover
    Tires Falken Wildpeak AT
    Lights LED
    Differential Limited Slip
    Fuel Tank Long-range fuel tank
    Steering Wheel Nardi steering wheel
    Air Conditioning Custom climate control
    Bumper Custom bumper
    Seats Custom leather seats for 9
    Console Custom

What We Did

Delivered to Nantucket, this Series IIA was a very sweet Mother’s Day gift. The owner had always loved the look and feel of the Series design, but she wanted something that drove like a modern car. To find that balance we were careful to fabricate this build so that it could house upgrades including an LS3, Defender suspension, and a custom climate control system but still maintain the classic interior and exterior look from the 1960s. For us, this Series project was the perfect example of the Heritage Driven ethos where we blend history and legacy with functionality and performance.

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