Soft Top Defender 90



  • Specs
    Color Grasmere Green
    Engine LS3
    Tires BFG KO2
    Soft Top Fakawi
    Seat Box Custom
    Roll Cage Custom
    Soft Top Frame Custom

What We Did

This was a special build because it was the first Heritage Driven Defender to feature our new lowered front seats. Thanks to lots of smart design and fabrication work from our team, we were able to drop those seats by a full four inches, which does two important things. First, it creates significantly more headroom and a less claustrophobic feel. And second, it allows the driver to see out the middle of the windshield instead of the top, creating a more modern driving experience. The soft top gives this build a classic feel and allows the owner, who lives on the East Coast, the ability to quickly turn his 90 into a convertible so he can more fully take in the surroundings. Built with all-terrain tires and true four-wheel drive, the 90 also comes with street-tuned suspension so that it’s equally at home both on and off-road.

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