The Land Rover Defender

Redefining an Automotive Icon

At Heritage Driven we go further, making choices others wouldn’t dream of.



Wildly pure. Purposefully transformed.

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An icon refined. A lifestyle reborn.

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The Unlimited provides the ultimate in class.

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Our Builds

The Land Rover Defender is one of the world’s greatest and most reliable expedition vehicles; an iconic safari vehicle, a trusted UN and foreign aid truck, and a military and special operations vehicle. We aren’t just restoring Defenders; we address any and all of the original’s shortcomings with a balanced blend of custom fabrication and meticulous re-engineering then bring the comfort and performance up to today’s standards.

Creating the icons of tomorrow

Our frame-up restoration of the Land Rover Defender is a painstaking process that leaves no part untouched. It’s obsessive. It’s compulsive. But the end result is worthy of the automotive icon.

Our Process

Full Marks

Heritage Driven has poured an enormous amount of effort into sound deadening, new diesel and petrol engine options, and upgrading the suspension and steering systems to feel as smooth and luxurious as possible.

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